Launch of the "1 € for the Ocean" donation campaign

" 1 for the Ocean". For the very first time, with just €1 a month, you can take part in a concrete collective action and make a commitment to the Ocean.

There's no such thing as a small donation. With a commitment of just €1, you can help us fund exploration projects, support scientific research and improve our knowledge of marine ecosystems.

Thanks to exclusive photos, videos and information, each and every one of you can take part in a modern exploration program, while doing your bit to protect the ocean.

Beyond the financial aspect, one of the major objectives of this campaign is to create a real community of concerned players around the Ocean. With this in mind, and unlike traditional donation campaigns, "1€ pour l'Océan" aims to enable donors to play an active role in the project: donors will be able to direct their donations towards specific themes, programs or missions of the 1 OCEAN Foundation.

We all have a role to play. 

1€ For The Ocean

With your donation of 1€ per month you can help fund our research and conservation projects, make a donation today and be part of the solution!

Thank you for your support of 1Ocean.