The 1 OCEAN Foundation

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A major scientific exploration project for the Ocean

1 OCEAN is an international scientific exploration project led by photographer Alexis Rosenfeld with UNESCO in parallel with the United Nations Decade of the Ocean (2021-2030).

Our objectives: to explore the ocean, to understand it through science (phenomena, ecosystems, species) and to amaze as many people as possible in order to help preserve the ocean.


©Alexis Rosenfeld

"The future is in the hands of those who explore... and from all the beauty they discover as they cross ever more remote frontiers, they develop for nature and for man an infinite love."

©Alexis Rosenfeld

Our values

Explore, Understand, WONDER

The 3 founding principles of the 1 OCEAN project respond to an urgent need: to highlight the extent of the riches hidden in the depths in order to raise the awareness of as many people as possible. Our aim is to contribute to the preservation of the Ocean, an exceptional common asset. For Alexis Rosenfeld, 1 OCEAN is above all an opportunity to bear witness to the beauty but also the great complexity of the Ocean: "In view of our environmental concerns and the dangers hanging over the Ocean, we owe it to ourselves to bear witness. Our ambition is both to better understand this complex and little-known universe, and to raise awareness through its beauty. Enchanting people and making them love the ocean will naturally guide us towards preservation." 


Scientific exploration is the starting point for a better understanding of the ocean. To develop effective conservation strategies, it is essential to better understand ecosystems, species, natural phenomena and man's impact on the marine environment. By putting our diving and audiovisual production skills at the service of science, we are contributing to this vital mission to protect the Ocean. 


At the dawn of the 21st century, developments in photography, cinema and diving equipment have given us the means to explore in new ways. These technical advances have enabled us to rediscover little-known sites, to take a fresh look at the ocean and to offer the general public a different vision of our planet. 


"We love what we marvel at, and we protect what we love." This phrase by Captain Cousteau describes, better than any other, the immense power of the emotional dimension. By recounting our missions through our most beautiful images, we hope to bring the general public closer to the Ocean and make them love it, to convince them to preserve it. 

Content creation, a central element of the 1 OCEAN project

If the 1 OCEAN project presents itself as a witness to the Ocean, it's because it has made the creation and dissemination of content one of its greatest strengths. The missions are the subject of photographic production, documentary films, interviews, exhibitions and, above all, an adapted communications program (social networks, major media, etc.) to pass on knowledge of the Ocean to as many people as possible.  

Thanks to a team composed of great professionals of image and sound but also of experienced divers, 1 OCEAN produces images never seen before. For Alexis Rosenfeld, underwater exploration is entering a new era: "Today, technological progress allows us to go and see for the first time these places hidden from everyone. Developments in photography, cinema and diving equipment allow us to explore in a different way, to rediscover little-known sites and to offer the general public a new vision of the ocean.

Collaboration with world-renowned institutions

Since its creation, 1 OCEAN has also supported the values of UNESCO by actively participating in scientific research and widely disseminating knowledge of the ocean. Our exploration missions enable the general public to discover exceptional places, true treasures of biodiversity, many of which are classified as World Heritage Sites. 

Our missions are also the result of a long-standing collaboration with CNRS scientific teams. We put our diving and audiovisual production skills at the service of researchers to help advance science. Recognized for its contribution to science, 1 OCEAN officially became the 1 OCEAN Foundation under the aegis of the CNRS Foundation in 2022. In June 2022, the 1 OCEAN Foundation launched its first scientific program: " L'arche de Noé des profondeurs, un avenir pour la biodiversité..."

The 1 OCEAN Foundation

The 1 OCEAN Foundation under the aegis of the CNRS Foundation was created in 2022 by Alexis Rosenfeld, John Jackson and Claire Monchauzou. "Sheltered by the CNRS Foundation, it benefits from its advantages, particularly from an administrative and legal point of view, while retaining operational autonomy. In particular, this status enables it to receive donations and legacies. The CNRS Foundation enjoys the same tax advantages as a foundation recognized as being in the public interest. It has also established links with TGE (Transnational Giving Europe) to enable European donors to benefit from tax reductions in their own countries.

To make a donation via TGE, follow this link and select the "1 OCEAN" project.

In the United States, the 1 OCEAN Fund has been set up to enable Americans to support the 1 OCEAN project while benefiting from tax breaks. For more information, please contact Kevin

The Strategic Council

The 1 Ocean Foundation has a Strategic Committee whose role is to give direction to the Foundation's actions. It is made up of the three founding members (John Jackson, Claire Monchauzou and Alexis Rosenfeld) and several personalities from the worlds of science, culture and the environment:

Matthieu Guevel
Director of Communication UNESCO

"Since the beginning of the 1 OCEAN adventure, UNESCO and the Foundation have been closely linked. This strategic council is an indispensable lever for strengthening the reflection and impact of exploration missions in the service of scientists for the protection of the ocean."

Michel Mortier
Research Director
Director General of the CNRS Foundation

"Alexis Rosenfeld's professional experience in scuba diving has led to several collaborations with CNRS teams, notably during deep dives in the Pacific and South Atlantic. The collection of photographs or short films captured during these dives feeds the researchers' databases and sometimes leads to the discovery of little-known biological systems. The CNRS Foundation is delighted with the creation of this new foundation under the aegis of the CNRS."

Serge Planes
Director of Research CNRS CRIOBE

"Joining the strategic board of the 1 OCEAN Foundation is a continuation of the work I've been doing with Alexis Rosenfeld over the years to make research and scientific discoveries more accessible to the general public and decision-makers." 


Patricia Ricard
President Paul Ricard Oceanographic Institute

"Behind every project and every advance there are courageous and passionate men and women.

I think it's wonderful that the 1 Ocean Foundation has the ambition to highlight the commitment of those who have turned their beliefs into a collective awareness."

Philippe Vallette
Founder of Nausicaà, Oceanographer

"Exploring how marine life and its ecosystems are born or reborn with 21st century tools will lead to new scientific discoveries. 

These innovative means will enable us to communicate like never before, to convince the public and decision-makers to protect the potential of the World Ocean to secure our future."

Team 1 OCEAN

The richness of our team lies in its cross-generational nature and the diversity of its profiles. Our aim is to ensure that transmission is at the heart of what we do.

Alexis Rosenfeld

Photographer, photojournalist and professional diver

Claire Monchauzou

Project Coordinator 1 OCEAN

John Jackson


Maxime David


Roberto Rinaldi

Underwater filmmaker

Thomas Labourasse

Chief operator and dronist

Andy Byatt


Armel Ruy

Underwater cameraman

Florence Lochmann

Production Project Manager

Tom Rosenfeld


Jeanne Rival

Responsible for press and public relations and the development of cultural projects

Paola Ravon de Souza

Communications Manager

Benjamin Roth

Assistant editor

Marie Olivier

Graphic designer

Loona Degli Innocenti

Communication strategy consultant


Our eyes of the deep