The CNRS Foundation

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The CNRS Foundation contributes directly or indirectly to the development and promotion of the CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique), in all areas corresponding to its missions, as well as scientific and technological research, in France and abroad.

To this end, the CNRS Foundation has adopted an action plan to promote ambitious and free research:

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The Foundation is developing its activities around corporate, individual and major donor sponsorship in order to :

  • Building a scientific awards policy for researchers
  • Enhancing the technological capabilities of laboratories
  • Develop the attractiveness of new talents and help them flourish, by financing significant installation grants.
  • Fund theses on fundamental, exploratory and risky subjects
  • Financing high-stakes research projects.

The CNRS Foundation is a host foundation. It thus offers the possibility of creating sheltered foundations or foundations under aegis. The CNRS Foundation has legal personality for its founders, and relieves them of administrative and management burdens, enabling them to devote their energies solely to supporting the causes they have chosen.

"The multidisciplinary nature of CNRS research offers a very broad panorama, ranging from climate change to educational inequalities, and the CNRS Foundation, thanks to the various levers it offers - corporate sponsorship, funded projects or foundations under aegis - makes it possible to support all these research projects. "

Michel Mortier, Director of the CNRS Foundation