1 OCEAN joins season 2 of the immersive podcast Plongeon

Plongeon is an immersive ocean podcast. Each episode tells the story of a scientific expedition to one of the 4 corners of the world, with the best researchers from the marine world. It's as if you were there! A one-on-one encounter with a bear in Greenland, the pursuit of a cyclone on Reunion Island, a shark dance in French Polynesia, an oceanographic vessel lost in the Furious Fifties... From the packing of suitcases to pre-departure jitters, through scientific experiments, successes and failures, not to mention moments of conviviality, Plongeon brings you an unprecedented vision of science in all its forms, brought to life by incredible men and women. All magnified by 3D acoustics that plunge you into places you'd never dare go.

The Lycée Darius-Milhaud highschool in Le Kremlin-Bicêtre, Val-de-Marne, is accompanying Plongeon on its adventures. A school committed to preserving the planet, thanks in particular to science teacher Bertrand Dubosclard. He's the one raising his students' awareness of the environmental challenges facing the ocean and introducing them to this podcast. These students work on each episode, in which a participant puts his or her questions directly to the scientists.

Renée Prod. and 1 Ocean both have the ocean in their DNA. The sustainable podcast studio and the Foundation share the same concern for raising public awareness of the environmental changes that are disrupting marine and underwater life. The 1 Ocean Foundation, thanks to photographer Alexis Rosenfeld, reveals the beauty of the ocean as well as its fragility. Renée Prod. and journalist Margaux Bédé bring words to the ills and riches of our waters.

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