Terms and conditions of use

Benefits of the CGU

Publication of the general terms and conditions of use is recommended insofar as this document:

  • Is a source of information on the content and functions of the website, on what is permitted and what is not, or on the sanctions applied in the event of non-compliance with the rules;
  • May include clauses concerning the website publisher's liability towards users;
  • Can compile the mandatory information for a website such as legal notices, general terms and conditions of sale, cookies or data policies.

Difference between CGU and CGV

It's not always easy to tell the difference between GCU and GTS, but it's necessary. These documents are used in a variety of situations. General terms and conditions are used in the context of a commercial relationship(general terms and conditions for services, general terms and conditions for a web communications agency, general terms and conditions for the sale of training courses, etc.). This document governs the commercial relations between the site owners and their customers.

Please note: General terms and conditions between professionals are not mandatory.

On the other hand, as they govern the use of a website, the GCU apply as soon as exchanges take place electronically, regardless of the nature of the website.

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